With the rising cost of inflation, we are freezing our Cerakote application prices and removing any extra cost for the disassembly and assembly of firearms. That is now included in the price! Extra charge for dirty or rusted firearms based on condition still applies. All firearms must be unloaded, in working order and safe. Gunsmithing and repair charges will be added to your bill. We cannot Cerakote everything... wish we could. What we can do, is give a comprehensive list once you have brought in your project. We are not responsible for the damage of removing sights from pistols. Some factories install sights with extreme pressure and very special tooling we cannot obtain. If there are any questions, let us know! We can quote a base price over email if you send quality photos. Lead times are usually a few weeks. We try to keep up with both commercial projects and custom Cerakote. Each project is unique, we try to make it as easy as possible!

We now have the ability to spray NIR Cerakote... IE it is "invisible " to thermal and night vision optics (as long as it is the same temp!) 
Even at different temperatures, it makes it very difficult to detect the signature! This has been a military or law enforcement only coating for years requiring an official letterhead.  
We will be holding a special on Cerakote VERY SOON!

We have been authorized to now offer IR invisible Cerakote to the general public for the first time. 
“In addition to the signature management capability, Cerakote™ Gen II offers superior wear, chemical and corrosion resistance for any of the wide variety of adverse environmental conditions likely to be encountered…”

This coating is the premier Cerakote for any sneaky snake 🐍 operations that may or Maynor take place!

Rogue Gunn Works
Rogue Gunn Works

 January 04, 2022 

We headed up into the Olympic Mountains for some shooting in the snow. Temperatures were just above freezing making for a wet experience. The Steyr AUG performed flawlessly. So did the LWRC and the custom built AR. Both Glocks didn't have any hiccups either of course. 2 hours later with soaked firearms, we headed back down to do some cleaning and drying.

We were the first Certified Cerakote applicator to come up with a high temp copper patina to put on a suppressor. This suppressor is a custom built Rex Silentium.

Black Friday sale 🧨💣💥🔥 good through 11-28-2021 11% off all Rex Silentium NFA items! Plus one free Cerakote color and free shipping to your FFL / SOT!

Rogue Gunn Works
Rogue Gunn Works

Custom Project

Mauser bolt action converted to .45 ACP then fitted with a suppressor. Original iron sights installed and the stock modified for a more classic shorter/ scout look.

We will have a table at the Port Angeles Washington Gun Show this October 23rd through 24th!
Come on by and say high! We will have a selection of Cerakote displays, you can pick up a 10% off business card good for one Cerakote application of your choice!
Looking forward to this event! 

You can come to check out Ghost Camo, Leaf Skelton Camo, and Grasshopper Camouflage in-person plus so much more! 

We Are Open for Business by Appointment only At This Time, Mainly Due to The Size of Our Shop! We Can Usually Accept 10 Appointments a Day, Tuesday Through Thursday, Friday and Saturday Are More Restricted.

We Still Have Plenty of Inventory in The Parts Department, and We Also Have Access to A Lot of Suppressors. Firearms Are Still Hard to Find, and So Is Ammunition. at This Point, We Have Just Stopped Even Trying to Buy Ammunition for The Shop.
Please Try the Shop in Forks if Looking for Ammo!

We Are Offering Automotive Cerakote Services! Thermal Barriers for The Tops of Pistons and Valves, Lubrication Coatings for Camshafts and Pistons, and Much More!
Do Not Forget, We Still Coat Headers!

 APRIL 1, 2020 

While We Are Closed to The Public at This Time We Are Working on Remodeling Our New Location in Port Angeles, Washington. While the Shop Will Be Smaller, We Think It Will Be More Refined for Exactly What We Need to Produce the Customized Projects We Love to Do. Stay Free.

 DECEMBER 13, 2019 

Customized Barrett 82-A1 Features a Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25 X56 Mm Scope and Barrett Zero Gap Rings. It Also Now Has a 6.75 Pound Trigger Pull. This Has a Combination of Grasshopper Camouflage and Ghosted Leaf Skeleton Camouflage.

 DECEMBER 2, 2019 

Client Brought in His Grandfather's Marlin Model 1892 Lever Action in Hopes He Could Restore the Rifle and Use It Himself. It Was Suffering from Years of Neglect. Due to The Extent of Rust and Pitting, It Was Decided that Cerakote Would Be the Best Choice to Protect the Metal Parts, and Unfortunately, the Stock Had Been Broken and Needed to Be Replaced. the Client Is Now Off This Hunting Season to Harvest a Deer on His Ranch in Montana.


Halloween Has Seen the Rush of Winter Come Rolling in With Freezing Temperatures. Already the Rivers Are Icing Over. This Brings up The Use of Camouflage in Different Environments. Desert Camouflage Works Well with The on Slot of Snow! so Does the Woodland Green and Brown Colors!